the changing of our season

This autumn day so lovely
with drizzling skies now graced
by leaves of golden green and red
Those trunks and branches misted dark
to stand in state against a graying sky

A beauty full in time this day does swiftly pass
from light to night in long embrace
Such quiet how is peaceful simple pleasure

Be present now, a witness to
the changing of our season
One gift so pure and lovely moves
so softly into time
Be peaceful now, go gently


The easy tree

The easy tree
was a childhood friend
Her lowest branch invited us in
and her leaves whispered

So up we went
(her lowest branch a sturdy start)
to swing by our knees
to reach for the sky
or just nestle in to the crook
of her outstretched arm

I visited again some years ago
and she still stood
kindly and good
Her lowest branch invited me in
her leaves whispered

The aqua robe

I have a ratty bathrobe,
   tried more than once to get rid of it
   (too worn to give away
   never could leave  it to the trash)
   Truth is I couldn’t let go

The fabric is terrycloth
   aqua, now faded
   with edges worn and frayed
   And elbows stained from newsprint
   (circa 1973 – 2013)

Other robes were prettier
   softer, more elegant and trendy
   Comfort though?

The aqua robe drapes me
   with substance enough to
   absorb any trouble
   confer needed comfort
   and remind me of Christmases passed

those gifts upon the mantel

He visited again today
  yesterday he sang
  as I worked the dirt
Nearly every day
  be it weather harsh or fair
  he stops my way to say “hello”
His mate is nesting now
  but when she’s not
  she lights upon the roof
  and quietly nods my way
They are a lovely pair, a living tribute
  to those gifts upon the mantel
Always a reminder of the pair
  who gifted me with life